How well do you know your customers?

Every marketeer will tell you that knowing your customer is essential. Of course, we don’t mean their name and phone number (pity!) but the more detailed things about them that make them the ideal buyer of one of your homes. When it comes to profiling the ideal customer, most of the information you need will come from your experience of the market, the local area and particular market trends.

From planning and up

On a single development you may have multiple types of home buyer, just as you build different types of houses. Profiling who a home may appeal to is crucial from the off to ensure the layout, specification, landscaping and all the finer details are correct to meet the purchaser’s needs. With this in mind, profiling of customers must be done very early on and should form the rationale for key decisions, including pricing.

Sell them their dream

As with any property, you’re not selling bricks and mortar, you’re selling a home, a lifestyle and a dream. The messaging might be about the ‘luxury specification’ or about a ‘coastal retreat’. Both are relevant but may speak to buyers with different dreams. By understanding why your development appeals to your customers, you can build out this messaging to ensure you attract the perfect buyers for your homes.

Use the right channels

As well as the message, choosing the right channel is key. It’s well known that the local publications might be ideal for reaching families and older customers, but first time buyers are more likely to be reached digitally through social media or one of the portals. Incidentally, just because you’re using a portal, doesn’t mean you don’t have to customise the message. Following Rightmove best practice and properly composing your profile to appeal to your buyer is critical to grabbing their attention.

Cross-channel digital marketing is a great way to ensure you’re reaching as wide a market as you can. Plus, it allows you to specifically target customer groups and customise the message to suit them. Also, by analysing collected data, this gives you an opportunity to monitor the success of your message and allows you to make any necessary changes or adjust the profile of your customer if required.

Use your local knowledge

Never has where you live been so important! More and more people are looking to move out of cities and the South Coast has been a popular search destination. Using your local knowledge, you can attract potential buyers to your development by giving them the information they need to make a decision – such as transport routes, local attractions and facilities.

Know their budget

Selling off-plan is the single best way to create your pricing strategy. It gives you an opportunity to test unpublished pricing and test demand in the local market. Off-plan advance sales are also a great way to boost confidence in your development, plus sales in the bank are always a positive.

If you’d like to know your customer a little better, our team can help you with profiling, messaging and more. Get in touch for an informal chat or to arrange a consultation.


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