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AJC Group was highly regarded for building high-end luxury homes in and around the Bournemouth/Poole area.

Recognising the need for more affordable homes, AJC Group approached Antler in 2021 as their business model began to pivot from private development towards contracting for Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

Antler was briefed to re-visit the core brand messaging, and create and deliver a marketing and comms strategy to position AJC Group as ‘the leading affordable housing contractor in the Wessex region’. 


This shift in AJC Group’s business model required a wholesale change in marketing, communications and brand.

Kicking off with a number of brand workshops Antler took AJC Group through a minor brand refresh – but most importantly re-defining key messaging and creating a strong marketing and comms strategy.

Once the re-positioning exercise was complete, Antler took on the responsibility for delivering all marketing and communications. A key part of Antler’s communications role is to liaise with the relevant Housing Associations, Local Authorities and key stakeholders to ensure that AJC Group is presented in their comms, and vice-versa.


Since 2021 Antler has supported AJC Group as their retained Marketing and PR agency. Antler has expanded the profile and reach of AJC Group, with regular feedback from AJC Group of their network commenting “you guys are everywhere!”

With new business wins for Antler as a result of direct referrals from the Directors of AJC Group – this alone speaks volumes.

Antler has gained national, trade and regional coverage – including press and broadcast coverage, and continues its strong relationship as AJC Group’s sole retained agency. Antler has submitted awardwinning submissions for AJC Group – enjoying presence on regional and national stages as a result.

Antler’s strong relationship with AJC Group’s in-house team has created a fun and productive working relationship. The results in terms of press coverage, awareness, award wins and business success, speak for themselves.