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In 2022 Antler took Metis Homes through a full rebrand that included all material assets and collaboration on a new website. The process would kick off with a brand workshop to identify the main goals and evolution of the business to date, as well as the future direction of the company.


The main ambition of the brand workshop was to identify Metis’ brand archetypes, the key elements of their business personality essentially, reflected in their development locations, style of home and how they communicate with their target customer base. A clear ‘Explorer’ with strong ‘Ruler’ traits emerged. With these brand personalities established new brand guidelines were created which included an evolved logo, typeface, colour palette and tone of voice that would be rolled out to all areas of the business and form the foundations of all future development branding creation as well. 

With the guidance of the brand guidelines in place, a refreshed company website was created to reflect Metis Homes’ adventurous spirit and clear expertise as an established new homes housebuilder. Every corner of the website was meticulously designed to offer the smoothest user experience and best portfolio of the homes available to ultimately convert into enquiries that would lead to sales. 


Metis Homes showed a clear commitment to the rebrand process from the start and recognised that a successful brand comes with the establishment of solid brand guidelines. By taking the time for introspection at the very beginning of the process they set themselves up for success by following our guidance. As a result Metis Homes today have a clear sense of identity and purpose that is reflected across all areas of their business. From internal comms to site identity, wherever you look, the strength of the Metis Homes brand is reflected back to you.