New Homes: A Solicitor's Perspective with Paul Sams, Partner at Dutton Gregory

Paul Sams, aka ‘Lego Paul’, decided at the young age of 7 that he wanted to be a solicitor.

Paul Sams, aka ‘Lego Paul’, decided at the young age of 7 that he wanted to be a solicitor. Today he’s an award winning, nationally recognised expert in the field of residential property having been asked to lecture other lawyers across the country. Joining Dutton Gregory 4 years ago, Paul works closely with housebuilders and developers.

In this episode, Paul shares his views on:

  • What he feels is broken in the conveyancing marketing
  • What sets Dutton Gregory apart from other law firms
  • How he feels technology can support the home buying process
  • What new homes clients could do to help speed the process along
  • And a heart warming story about Gladys!


Paul’s naturally engaging and witty nature, along with his honest opinions on an industry he’s come to know so well make for a fantastic conversation.

“Interest rates have been too low for too long. They would have gone up if it hadn’t been for the pandemic because they’ve been too low for so long. Interest rates have actually come down, but the BBC and the other press are not telling us that interest rates have come down. What they’re telling us is that we’re all going to die!”

“We use technology fairly well. But there’s ways that we could use technology more and more. I’m not trying to replace human beings with technology. I’m trying to free human beings up to be able to do more.”

“I suppose I don’t think it’s rocket science because there’s very few things that are rocket science, apart from the rocket scientists who get paid a lot more than we do. But, it’s the basics of dealing with people and you’re always going to have uncontrollables because there are always uncontrollables; pandemic, inflation. I can’t control that. So property transactions can become notoriously quite complex.”


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