The missed opportunity of marketing at the planning stage with Henry Adams Partners - Martin Curry, and Peter Cleveland

We’re back, with season 2!

We’re back, with season 2! Simon is speaking with Henry Adams Partners, Martin Curry and Peter Cleveland, who dive into the intricate world of planning, where marketing and branding should play pivotal roles.

Amidst the challenges of planning, there’s a significant demographic already settled in their homes, resistant to change. Yet, there’s also a keen market waiting to be tapped into. The catch? Housebuilders must master the art of brand positioning from the get-go, or risk losing valuable opportunities.

Join us as we explore the power of strategic branding at the planning stage to captivate local communities and the importance of crafting a narrative that resonates with the community to elevate the entire house buying experience.

Topics covered:

– How the planning process could benefit by bringing marketing teams on the planning journey

– How can community engagement be improved?

– What opportunities there are to help foster relationships with the community?

– How housebuilders should be visualising and marketing the planning vision

A great episode, not to be missed!

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