Turn up the volume by using the power of strategic property PR to grow your reputation.


As a housebuilder, knowing how to build and maintain a good public image in the press can be tough, especially when coverage is often out of your control.

Your business deserves a positive narrative – aligned with your brand – that helps you enhance your credibility, reach new audiences, generate more sales, enjoy greater land opportunities, support your business goals and establish a competitive edge.


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Antler works directly with the sales and marketing teams to formulate a tailored PR strategy to boost the profile of their developments to their chosen audiences, and help generate sales enquiries.

Communicating the corporate aspirations and success of the business is key, and Antler can help to put across the right message externally and internally. 

Working with the core team and directors of the business, we craft compelling commentary and editorial pieces that reflect the company’s messaging and values. This not only establishes a director as a key industry spokesperson, but also amplifies their presence within the sector.

Reactive statements and comment pieces to topical conversations or changes in the market in order to show expertise in the sector, and demonstrate key people in the business and their knowledge.

Working directly with the land and planning teams, we help announce land and planning acquisitions with details and descriptions of the chosen site. This helps control the narrative externally to local and industry press, and can also be used for social media and internal comms.

To shine a light on best practice and showcase the business is driving change.

Case studies and purchaser testimonials are an excellent way to celebrate the clients product and promote their homes and developments. 

If and when a crisis arises, Antler can manage the situation to ensure the businesses reputation is protected.

Through thought leadership led pieces, editorial or announcements, we will communicate the environmental, social and governance aims of the business to the media.

We can help to communicate technical pieces of information for both consumer and industry audiences.

To demonstrate the credibility and capability of the business to customers and key stakeholders.

To share opinions on relevant subjects and position the business and key people as respected experts.

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