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Housebuilder website design and development

Digital communications have never been more important. Your website is your shop window to the world, and crucially, to potential home buyers.


In a digital world, your website is often the first place a potential customer might visit to check your credentials or find out more information. A good website boosts your credibility and makes customers feel more confident about making a purchase.

Brand website

Although the development is often the focus, it is important that your brand website is tip-top to support all your marketing activity. Your website should explain you brand values, ethos and instil confidence in the quality of product and customer service.

Development microsites

With print materials on the decline, development microsites have become more popular due to the depth of information they provide and their ability to be updated as required. Development microsites can adapt and develop as your development moves through its lifecycle, providing valuable information for both potential and existing customers.

Web reviews

Sometimes it’s difficult to see why a website isn’t working as it should, especially when you’re too close to it. Antler’s team can provide expert and objective advice as well as a third-party perspective to evaluate your website and communications. Sometimes a tweak to the message or a rework on the page structure can make all the difference to the user journey, resulting in more enquiries.

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