The secret to selling your homes swiftly, at enhanced prices

It’s a secret that we at Antler Agency are happy to share, and the good news is that it’s really rather simple.

This morning we visited a site to receive the full brief on a fantastic new development – the demolition has just been completed and the diggers are moving in. At this stage, other than those made aware through the planning process, the wider public isn’t yet informed on who is about to build this exciting new development or what it will comprise – no signage, no brochure…no marketing at all, yet. This calm dusty land will soon be a hive of activity, culminating in a collection of high-quality new homes. Intrigue is currently the only thing that is being built. A blank canvas.

In contrast, last week we were invited to visit a completed development of apartments – a project Antler Agency haven’t been involved in. Externally the building oozes quality, luxury and distinction. Worth many millions of pounds and completed 3 months ago, it looked simply stunning. But with only one of the twelve contemporary apartments sold, something clearly wasn’t right. We walked every apartment and discussed at great length the journey behind the development – asking all the questions necessary in order to determine quite why things weren’t the way they should be. There are a number of specific opportunities for improvement but what alarmed us most is that this development had no brochure, no signage, no show apartment…no marketing. Sales without marketing is like bread without butter! Antler Agency has been asked to step in and help – and we will turn this project from a worrying scenario into a success story.

Sadly we have consulted with a number of clients in similar positions during the last month.

There is no denying that both developments described are very different projects in very different locations. Regardless, the most important way to sell you homes fast, at enhanced prices is very simple… start right.

Start with a plan of action for how you are going to sell the homes – a strategy. We call this a sales and marketing strategy. Attempting to sell homes without a marketing strategy is a long, painful and costly exercise. Antler Agency has witnessed clients make this mistake, attempting to sell without a solid marketing strategy, and we’ve picked up the pieces too many times.

We come across so many incredible developers – truly inspiring people who build outstanding homes. It seems a common theme, for whatever reason, that many developers lack a deep understanding of the need for marketing strategy from the outset. “We’ll wait until they’re built”, “They’ll sell themselves” and “I don’t need a brochure” are some of our favourites.

We have proven that involving a marketing agency from the very start of your development is key to early sales success and enhanced prices.

…anyway, we should get back to creating that strategy for this mornings ‘blank canvas’ development, to deliver the marketing campaign and materials for yet another successful award-winning development.

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