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Antler is a property marketing agency. Let us guide you on the best approach to realise success. How can we help you?

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We help our clients to achieve their goals. When you partner with us, we’re there for all your developments, not just project-by-project. By involving Antler we can support your development to ensure you’re working towards your business goals.

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Antler was formed by two industry professionals who believed that the industry needed to adapt its approach to marketing, in order to provide housebuilders with the knowledge and service to deliver results. With over 50 years of experience, Simon, Annie, and the Antler team are helping housebuilders to communicate better and sell houses quicker. Fact.

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The sector has been in flux and lockdown has forced a faster move to digital. Your customers are forming opinions remotely, what are you doing about it?

What our clients say about us

Antler’s strategic knowledge of the off-plan sales process and their understanding of the specific marketing required to attract, support and achieve off plan sales, has helped Metis to enjoy success. Off-plan selling is now a primary objective for all Metis developments; it’s the positive start that every development requires to enjoy longer term sales success. Working with Metis, Antler challenges the perceived market-wide approach of ‘doing things the way they’ve always been done’, to create and deliver on marketing strategies which directly increases off-plan sales. Antler’s experience in this area and the support they’ve provided our in-house team is immense and I’d have no hesitation in recommending Antler.

Adam O’BrienManaging Director, Metis Homes

“Antler Agency are brilliant – proactive, creative, efficient and always deliver. We’re delighted to be working with an agency that truly understands property, and the needs of a national house builder. I would have no hesitation in recommending Antler.”

Jo Dixon - Marketing Manager, Linden Homes

"I would recommend Antler Agency to anyone. They have a rare combination of real expertise, huge experience, flair, energy and a genuine dedication and commitment to their clients. A splendid service is guaranteed and the quality of what is produced on a creative level is as good as anything I’ve seen."

Adam O'Brien - Managing Director, Metis Homes

Antler have proven to be a reliable and efficient agency, the whole team are passionate about what they do. This is evident in the work they supply and their eagerness to learn what each and every company offer. I have worked with Antler on a number of projects with two different companies and have always been impressed with the standard of work and their enthusiasm to deliver high quality projects.”

Vicki Robb, Marketing Manager, PegasusLife

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How well do you know your customers?

Every marketeer will tell you that knowing your customer is essential. Of course, we don’t mean their name and phone number (pity!) but the more detailed things about them that make them the ideal buyer of one of your homes. When it comes to profiling the ideal customer, most of the information you need will come from your experience of the market, the local area and particular market trends.

Plan for 2021 whilst the going is good

The property sector enjoyed a buoyant market in the second half of 2020 and many housebuilders have seen a good level of sales, despite challenges with sourcing materials and lockdown. As we move into a new year, it’s important to think about what comes next.