Antler New Homes Podcast, Episode 12 – An MD’s View: Marketing To Support Growth, with Adam O’Brien, MD of Metis Homes

In this episode of the Antler New Homes Podcast, Simon is joined by Adam O’Brien, MD of Metis Homes to talk about the future of housebuilding and how marketing plays a pivotal role in getting houses sold as quickly as possible, whatever the economic environment. 

Established in 2008 and known for their honest approach, Metis Homes is an experienced regional housebuilder, building a reputable name for themselves across the South. 

Topics covered include:

  • Staying ahead of the curve as the market changes
  • Gearing a business plan around off-plan selling to enable future land acquisition
  • How the role of sales and marketing has changed over the years
  • Partnering with the right marketing agency to support business
  • The opportunity for brand planning to help support and ease the planning process
  • How AI may change the housebuilding process

And much more!

Adam says “My approach to housebuilding is about getting things done as quickly as reasonably possible. I think that’s just good practice across the board. And equally, marketing should be geared towards getting houses sold as quickly as possible. As we grow, that positive cash flow becomes even more important because you have many more costs, because you’re building more and therefore finance cost becomes more of a factor. And I think today that’s even more important because costs are just so much greater across the board. Money costs a lot more money at the moment, given interest rates. We’ve also got the problem at the moment where I think ever since COVID, for some inexplicable, infuriating reason, everything takes so much longer as well.”

Another great episode – enjoy!

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