Why great looking property marketing isn’t achieving the results it could be

The only thing that customers want to learn from you, from your property marketing is...

You’ve spent months working closely with your creative team to bring to life your next property marketing campaign. Big budgets, late nights, endless meetings and hours upon hours spent going backwards and forwards tweaking, refining and perfecting every. single. detail. Only for it to launch and not deliver the results you were expecting.

It leaves you feeling deflated and wondering what’s the point. 

Now, the thing is (and you might not like this!) chances are you’ve got your messaging completely wrong. You talked about your homes or services and how great they are; how great you are as a company. Great. 

Here’s the thing.

Customers will never buy from you because of how great you are. They will only, ever, buy from you because they believe that you are in a position to solve their problem.

So you might have just created the most beautiful, breathtaking creative property marketing campaign that caused a ripple. A flurry of engagement, a spike in views, some “wow, that’s cool” responses on social media. But zero sales results. A few likes aren’t going to sustain your business long term.

So it’s time to change your approach. 

The only thing that customers want to learn from you, from your property marketing is; “How are you going to help me to survive and thrive, demonstrating that you can help me to overcome my problem?”

No matter what sector of the housebuilding business you’re in, whether you like it or not, you’re in the business of solving problems.

As a housebuilder you need to become known for owning a problem. And your property marketing must communicate exactly how you help your customer to solve their problem.

It’s not about you any longer. It never has been.

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE creative marketing. There’s nothing better than a campaign that hits right (hello, Nike, we’re looking at you!) and you don’t need to be a gigantic player in the housebuilding industry with massive budgets to achieve success for your business. You can achieve your own success with the right marketing behind you, and we’d love to help you start that journey.

So, stop wasting money on marketing that isn’t effective. Your customers are waiting for you to solve their problems with your services or homes. You just need to get that messaging right. And we can help. Book a 15 minute call today. 

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