Antler New Homes Podcast episode 2 – Unlocking opportunities for Housing Associations with Stuart Hensby, Associate Director of Sales & Marketing at Abri

Is Shared Ownership the future for first time buyers? How can housing associations attract buyers in an ever-changing market? What will the key focus for housebuilders be over the next 10 years? Why are partnerships critical? In this episode of the Antler New Homes Podcast, we bring you Associate Director of Sales & Marketing at Abri, Stuart Hensby, who, thanks to a varied and successful career in both the private and HA sectors is able to provide insightful answers to these important questions. 

With an accomplished track record in the sales and marketing of new homes and a keen awareness of the importance of collaboration between housebuilders, Stuart’s forward thinking mindset has helped Abri grow an impressive customer base of 100,000 and counting. 

“Everyone views things very differently now; everyone is aware that the key to doing more, and the ability to do more, you can do in strength with other people involved.”

“Partnerships are going to continue to be absolutely critical. We have a housing crisis that’s not going to go away anytime soon. We need to keep building more homes. We need to be more clever about it. We need to be more sustainable in our approach, and we need to keep that focus. Collaboration is key.”

“We’ve had a very changeable political environment that we’re all astutely aware of, which has catalysed our current inflation situation and the economic pressures.We need a bit of stability around that. We need to get inflation under control, that just plays into everything else. We need to keep affordability at the forefront of all of our decision making.”

Another brilliant episode – enjoy!

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