Brand Identity – is yours strong enough?

What happens when you combine one of the world’s best-known games consoles and an iconic London landmark? You get an incredible product launch that makes the world sit up and take notice.  That’s exactly what happened last month when Sony took over Oxford Circus tube station in London to mark the UK launch of the new PlayStation, the PS5.

The 48-hour marketing stunt appeared overnight to greet early morning commuters with the station walls and four decorative roundels at each of the station street-level entrances transforming into the well-known shapes found on the PlayStation controller. This product placement was also just a stone’s throw from Microsoft’s London store and saw several other tube stations take on a new game-themed name.

Now, we’re not suggesting you throw quite the same budget at launching one of your developments (unless it warrants it!), but it is important to consider brand awareness and the power of positive PR when creating your marketing strategy. As a housebuilder the strength of your brand can be the difference between your customer choosing to buy your home over one of your competitors’ down the road.

Your brand and the way you promote yourself says so much about you, it’s the insight to your ethos, your product and your service. Which is exactly why it deserves to be done right. A considered marketing strategy can be the difference between all sold off-plan due to demand and excess stock units that struggle to sell. Antler can help you to consider your strategy as well as review your branding to help you achieve the very best in sales success, just take a look at some of our client case studies.

You could say that launching a new product during a global pandemic wasn’t the greatest idea, but Sony believed in their product and their marketing strategy. When the world was so quiet Sony made sure they were shouting the loudest in a simple yet unusual way, standing them apart from their competition and causing them to sell out. Can you say the same? Talk to us about your upcoming development launch plans.



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