Hybrid Brochure – The future of digital brochures launched for developers to maximise off-plan sales

Experts at property marketing specialist, Antler, have launched Hybrid Brochure – a fully interactive digital brochure for developers to promote their new homes for sale, that is a first for the house building industry and can save on average at least half in brochure costs.

Unlike other offerings, Hybrid Brochure seamlessly fuses the experience of a printed brochure with the full capability of digital, to present information like never seen before. With over 50% of property buyers browsing for a new home from their mobile phone or tablet, the technology has been designed to phase out traditional PDF brochures which don’t work well across different device sizes nor have the functionality that 21st century buyers expect, in favour of more engaging online communications that are better presented, designed and a far more interactive experience.

Key features include a fluid ‘right to left’ experience that is responsive on any device, video tours, walk throughs, unlimited layout combinations, custom branding, interactive plot selector and an interactive local area map so that buyers can input their location to see how far away the development is. Meanwhile a Hybrid Brochure can be installed onto large touch screens within sales and marketing suites, finally making screen kiosks accessible and affordable to everybody. Developers can also produce ‘coming soon’ versions ideal for teasing off-plan interest, before adding further details upon full launch. Being digital, brochure details can be added or removed instantly and without extra cost via admin access. For example, if floor plans or property spec change, amends can be added immediately in real time. Viewers can also share the digital brochure with friends and family via social media. In addition, the analytics behind a Hybrid Brochure allows you to understand exactly what content your users are engaging with, and make smarter advertising decisions based upon data.

Meanwhile developers can prove their commitment to sustainability by being digital and removing wastage, as well as solving storage problems.

In Hampshire, developer Metis Homes utilised Hybrid Brochure on their development ‘Meon View,’ enjoying remarkable success with 70% of homes sold off-plan based upon nothing other than the Hybrid Brochure.

Head of Sales & Marketing at Metis Homes, David Oakley, commented: “The Hybrid Brochure is a step ahead of other digital offerings we have seen, allowing prospective buyers to truly interact with our development. PDF brochures are often dull to look at, offer no interactivity and don’t work across all of the platforms that buyers use. Whereas the 21st century approach of Hybrid Brochure is well designed and interactive, allowing for superior presentation and keeping viewers engaged. As an added bonus, they also offer a substantial cost saving when compared with other traditional methods and allows us as a company to be more environmentally friendly. It has been a huge success for us.”

Simon Jenns, Director at Antler, added: “33 year old PDF brochures don’t capture the imagination of property buyers in today’s digital era. Our new interactive Hybrid Brochures work in a way that printed brochures just can’t, and the results speak for themselves. We thrive on providing innovative marketing solutions for developers that make them stand out from the crowd, and our Hybrid Brochure is no exception.

This technology doesn’t just end with new home developments either. We have imminent plans to launch the innovation into the rest of the residential market too, as well as commercial and land.”

Available to any developer and not just Antler’s clients, pricing starts at just £3,500 + VAT. For more information, contact service@hybridbrochure.co.uk or visit www.hybridbrochure.co.uk.

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