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How customer journeys have a direct impact on your bottom line

From initial enquiry to moving-in day, your customer goes through a journey with you, and the other parties involved with buying (and often also selling) a home. It’s a huge decision for anyone and the single biggest purchase anyone is likely to make. A smooth, planned and considered customer journey has a remarkable effect on sales retention and therefore, your business.

Free pitching – no good for either party!

As an agency offering creative concepts, we’re often asked to demonstrate our skills prior to appointment, or in other words, to free pitch. It’s always very flattering to be shortlisted in a pitch process, but the decision to embark on a project for free without any guarantee of any reward is a tough one.

Go large on development hoardings

Development hoardings are one of the very first opportunities to advertise your new development. As well as delivering on safety and security requirements, they’re also a fantastic advertising opportunity.

The often over-looked benefits of PR

One of the most underrated marketing activities in current times has to be PR. With digital and online marketing delivering trackable results, returning to below the line advertising techniques can feel a little unnerving. However, sometimes a little subtlety can be exactly what is required.

How well do you know your customers?

Every marketeer will tell you that knowing your customer is essential. Of course, we don’t mean their name and phone number (pity!) but the more detailed things about them that make them the ideal buyer of one of your homes. When it comes to profiling the ideal customer, most of the information you need will come from your experience of the market, the local area and particular market trends.

Plan for 2021 whilst the going is good

The property sector enjoyed a buoyant market in the second half of 2020 and many housebuilders have seen a good level of sales, despite challenges with sourcing materials and lockdown. As we move into a new year, it’s important to think about what comes next.

Selling off-plan – the good, the great and the misunderstood

When formulating the sales and marketing strategy for a new development there is a lot to consider, and timing is everything. Ensuring swift sales at the right price is something we talk about a lot, but delivering on this comes from knowing your market and having a clearly defined strategy which, to begin with, should pivot around off-plan selling. The benefits of selling off-plan extend much further than the bottom line too.